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MacroFinance Website

Website Design

Macrofinance Group, NIPFP 



To design a new website for the Macro/Finance Group at National Institute of Public Finance and Policy (NIPFP), a world famous think tank.


A mammoth project, my target was to redesign NIPFP’s rudimentary website into one that was visually appealing, structured and user-friendly. Reframing the overall website experience required various discovery and conception phases, testing out different user experience solutions and countless scribbled wireframes. In the end, I was able to build them a platform which converted their previously information-heavy webpages into neatly organized segments. To build an effective wireframe with a responsive layout, I had to dig deep to understand the kind of work the organisation is involved in.

The use of icons brought clarity to the menus and improved the mobile user experience. A combination of detail and aggregate pages with proper cross referencing of people, publications, meetings, seminars and videos was achieved to facilitate easier navigation and flow of information. The style guide was of particular importance and I used shades of blue coupled with pastel bronze to generate notions of knowledge, excellence and expertise.

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